Achieve Taekwondo was founded in 2013 by Master Ben Parks and is conveniently located near interstate 495 inĀ Westford, MA. We strive to create a fun and exciting atmosphere for our students by varying our lesson plans and often teaching through games. Our core philosophy is that we want each of our students to constantly improve and achieve their personal best.


Meet Master Ben Parks, owner and head instructor at Achieve Taekwondo

Master Parks is a 6th degree Black Belt and started studying Taekwondo at age 9 under Master Alberto Montrond, a World Champion and three-time US Champion. Master Parks now studies under Grandmaster Kwon, a 9th degree black belt (the highest rank possible). After earning his black belt at age 16, Master Parks taught part-time and full-time while pursuing a business degree at Framingham State University. He has been teaching taekwondo since 2001.

Master Parks especially enjoys teaching children and seeing their self-confidence and skills develop in a positive learning environment. Every student is individually assessed and personally guided to achieve their goals. He provides a non-intimidating, safe and clean environment that allows students to get the most out of their studies. Instruction is comprehensive and balanced while enabling students to learn technique, strength, confidence, and self-defense.