At Achieve Taekwondo we offer lessons geared toward your child’s age and experience so that they can have a class tailored to their specific needs and abilities. We recognize that our program ages are not hard and fast rules, but more guidelines as everyone grows and matures at a different pace. You may even see that for some programs no age is listed.

In order to allow you as much flexibility as possible, children are welcome to come two times a week with classes being offered Monday through Thursday and on Saturdays. Prior to your child’s first class, we offer an introductory one-on-one session with an instructor so that we can get a better idea of your child’s needs, and so that you can get a better idea of what we are about at Achieve Taekwondo. We supply a uniform and there is no commitment to sign up. Contact us today to learn more.


Our Little Dragons program is for our youngest boys and girls who are 7 years old or younger. This is where we introduce them to proper social skills and start teaching them life lessons appropriate for their age such as listening, self control, and respectful interactions with others. Improving motor skills and balance is stressed heavily. Most importantly, we want our students to have fun and enjoy themselves. One way we do this is through disguising the lessons through the use of games.

Please note that a bigger Little Dragon can attend either the 4-7 year old class or the 6-10 year old beginners class. This is done because we understand that kids grow at different paces and we want to allow the flexibility to put them into the class that meets their needs best.


The Kickin’ Kids program is for those who are between 7 and 12. Here we foster character development, targeting their specific age group with lessons such as doing one’s homework on their own, stranger danger, and anti-bullying techniques. At this age, emphasis is put on explaining good life lessons and why they are important, such as how self discipline means to do the things one is supposed to do without being told. Self defense starts to be taught through focusing on how good decisions are the best way to protect oneself, while the foundation is being laid on how to physically protect oneself.

Building confidence and self esteem happen by giving children something to feel good about in an athletic setting without the pressure of team sports. They also get the benefits of physical fitness and a high energy class in a fun and exciting atmosphere.



The Young Adults program is for those people who are not quite yet adults but are too mature for the Kickin’ Kids program. The program is at a faster pace than the Kickin’ Kids program and it stresses less on explicitly stating the lessons of character development and more on applied practice of such lessons. For example, instead of explaining what self discipline is, the young adults will learn how to improve it through its practical use. As such, self defense will be geared more toward learning how to physically protect oneself in addition to how to mentally protect oneself.


 Students in the Adult class will focus on learning taekwondo techniques as well as important self defense skills.Taekwondo is great for releasing all of the day’s stress while improving your health. It will increase flexibility, balance, and coordination. After taking classes you will notice an increase in strength, stamina and overall energy, while dramatically enhancing your daily life. Quickness and flexibility, along with the ability to defend oneself, are just part of the successful journey to Black Belt excellence.